Carlotta Gherzi, representing 'Sado’, has exhibited her designs at prestigious fashion events including Milan, Paris, New York, Moscow, and London Fashion Week. Her accomplishments include securing various grants from the British Fashion Council over the years and achieving a top honor as the Gold Visa Designer.

Carlotta identified a niche in the market for comfortable yet stylish day-to-night pants suited for modern women with busy lifestyles. This concept gained popularity, leading to the establishment of her sub-brand, MLML London (www.mlmllondon.com). MLML London specializes in timeless leather bottoms & clothing , handcrafted in London with ethically sourced materials from Italy and France.

Expanding on her expertise , Carlotta now offers consultancy services to startup brands. Serving as a knowledge hub, the platform emphasizes sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and recycling, advocating for the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle not only in garments and fabrics but also in ideas.

Within the agency , the team comes from diverse cultures and backgrounds, each member bringing a unique perspective to our work from a global perspective, ensuring that our clients' remain inclusive, relevant, and poised for success in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.








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