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Fashion / Brand Business Mentorship Programme

Fashion / Brand Business Mentorship Programme

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Gain invaluable insights into the fundamentals of Fashion business development, from Concept to Production and gain experience in online E-commerce and Wholesale marketplaces in this 5-week one to one course.

You will learn successful methods for launching, scaling and promoting your Fashion brand, as well as how to produce, manufacture, market, promote and ship your products. Perfect for anyone wanting to start their own Fashion Brand or creative service business.

The 5 WEEK Plan:

WEEK ONE: Gain knowledge: Get an understanding of Fashion Business Strategy, learn how to construct your brand identity, set up a Business Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values, and lay the groundwork for your Business Plan..

WEEK TWO: Master the Business & Marketing Models necessary for success: Identify & Reach customers, execute effective Market Research tactics, and leverage appropriate tools to construct a winning Marketing Strategy & Media Communication.

WEEK THREE: The Manufacturing process: Research, Engagement, Negotiation and Connection: How to best produce your Fashion Garments and what to be aware of.

WEEK FOUR: Prepare your Launch: Business Tactics: Media, Communication, PR, Marketing, Creative Direction, Pricing Structures and Wholesale Model for success.

WEEK FIVE:  What happens post your Launch: Business Tactics 2, Data Collection & Logistics. Understanding Sales & Distribution.

Included: Invaluable Trade Resources and Sales Templates. 



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